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Old Dogs; New Tricks


We have two dogs at our house: Jax, a new “quarantine puppy” that we added to our household this past March, and Daisy, my thirteen year old Jack Russell terrier. Evenings are quite interesting at our house with the two of them together. Jax is full of energy! He runs through the house, chews on the walls, and loves to learn new tricks. He’ll sit, jump, roll – anything to get a treat. Daisy, however, won’t do anything. She learned how to shake long ago, but will only do it when she feels like it! All of the new things Jax is learning, she pretty much ignores and does her own thing. Last night, Jax and I were playing and I asked Daisy if she wanted to “fetch” like the old times. She gave me a look that said, “Are you crazy?” and then went off to bed. I guess the old saying must be true: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Is this how you feel about yourself? We hear about God doing new things, but often we wonder if that can be true for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but just like Daisy – I have my life pretty much the way I like it! I sometimes feel like I don’t have the energy, time, or strength to do something new! Other times, I just feel like I’m not able to. Let God do his work through others. Surely he can’t use me to do something new! I’m all used up! I’m all tired out! After all – you don’t know all that this “old dog” has been through!

The good news is that while the saying may be true for dogs, it doesn’t have to be true for God’s people! God is ALWAYS looking to grow us by doing new things. What we feel may not be possible - is entirely possible with God! He believes in us often more than we believe in ourselves! That is why for the rest of August, we will be doing a series called “MISSION POSSIBLE.” It IS possible for God to make new changes in our life! It is never too late to see what “new tricks” He has in store to teach us.

What is a new vision you would like to see for your life? God just may be ready to show you.

It’s very possible to see NEW things even in the midst of all of this old, bad news world that we live in.

It’s MISSION POSSIBLE! Starting this Sunday through the month of August.

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